SEO is part of the core process of developing auto dealer websites, which includes the following:

Content Elements

Content Elements

Search optimized content is created targeting the most relevant keywords for auto dealerships. URL structures and internal link navigation are optimized. HTML improvements are updated and maintained.
Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Browser titles are added or updated targeting relevant category keywords for the dealership market area. All Meta descriptions, page headings, image alt tags and canonical tags are also updated.
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Brand citations and inbound links are developed to improve website domain relevance. Optimized content is promoted on social media. Business directory listings and company profiles are updated.
SEO Research

SEO Research

Website audits, competitor research, SEO testing and algorithm analysis are all part of an ongoing process to ensure that dealership websites are optimized and conform to webmaster guidelines.
Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Google Analytics is set up for tracking organic traffic and user behavior. Google Search Console is used to monitor crawl stats and perform website analysis. Monthly reports provide an Analytics overview.

Optional Add-ons

  • SEO-Dealer Pages
  • SEO-Model Pages
  • Content Marketing

Organic traffic at Enterprise increased by


Core SEO Pricing

Monthly rooftop price

Monthly rooftop price

Monthly rooftop price


In addition to the Core SEO service, three optional add-ons are available to expand website visibility.

<strong>SEO Dealer Pages</strong>

SEO Dealer Pages

The option for SEO-Dealer pages includes creating and updating optimized content designed to expand dealership rankings for up to 15 nearby cities in addition to the 5 core cities in the market area.

Monthly rooftop price

<strong>SEO Model Pages</strong>

SEO Model Pages

The option for SEO-Model pages includes creating and updating optimized content designed to expand vehicle model rankings for 5 nearby cities in addition to 5 core cities in the market area.

Monthly rooftop price

<strong>Content Marketing</strong>

Content Marketing

The content marketing option includes four blog articles per month researched and written for automotive topics. Content is optimized for search visibility and promoted through social media.

Monthly rooftop price


  • Google launched an algorithm update giving a boost to mobile friendly sites, and Google also announced they are changing to a mobile-first index. Jazel websites use responsive web design, which Google recommends for adapting to mobile search.
  • The Jazel platform has some built-in structured data, which can help search engines index content
  • Premium redirection settings capture traffic from pages no longer in use, without any 404 errors
  • Canonical tags are automatically generated for each page to prevent duplicate content issues
  • The platform generates XML sitemaps that can help search engines find and index web pages
  • Page editor allows custom content, meta tags and page elements optimized for search results

Search engines are smart, but they have limitations on retrieving information for user queries. Automotive SEO provides a keyword structure that helps search engines understand auto dealer content and inventory, which can improve search rankings that generate organic traffic.

Search engines use mathematical equations called algorithms to sort and rank auto dealership websites. These search algorithms use hundreds of ranking factors that can affect the SEO for auto dealers.

An important aspect of automotive SEO is to provide content for both users and search engines. Website content, meta tags and navigation are optimized for keywords that match user queries.

Search engines will analyze backlink profiles as part of the ranking process for auto dealerships. SEO services include the acquisition of inbound links and brand citations from quality third party sources.


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