How to Use Emotional Merchandising to Sell More Cars

Vehicle merchandising: the act of presenting the unique features, appearance, and price of your vehicle in a way that attracts customers. While it is normally thought of as an on-the-lot tactic, merchandising is even more essential online. Good online merchandising can mean the difference between an online shopper paying a visit to your showroom, or […]

What Car Shoppers Expect From Dealership Websites

As a dealer, your website is rapidly becoming your most powerful tool for driving sales. Thus, the Customer Experience (CX) on your website is paramount to your success. But this should be obvious. What might not be obvious is that the expectations consumers have of your website experience aren’t being set just by your competitors, […]

Local Car Dealer SEO Best Practices

Half of internet searches are local in nature. Most car sales are made to locals. These two facts mean that local SEO is one of the most important tools dealerships have in their online arsenal. Being able to rank highly in local searches means being visible to your most likely-to-buy audience – an invaluable leg […]