Beyond Responsive – Mobile-First Websites for Car Dealers

Full disclosure: we think mobile-first design is crazy cool, so please forgive us if it seems like we’re getting a little excited when we talk about it. But honestly, it is really cool. You might not give two shrugs about design, but it’d be to your benefit to keep reading anyway. Why? Because mobile-first design […]

6 Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Auto Dealer Website

More traffic isn’t necessarily better if it doesn’t lead to more sales for your auto dealership. Here are a few tips to help you collect more leads and convert visitors into actual car buyers.   Ensure That Your Search Traffic Is Relevant Obtaining the right kind of traffic for your dealership is more important than […]

5 Elements of Automotive SEO Car Dealers Need to Know

If we know anything about SEO, we can tell you it isn’t simple. SEO has hundreds of applications, which vary dramatically depending on the type of business. Luckily, the business we know the best is the car business, and that means automotive SEO. So we’ve put together a little list of the 5 most need-to-know […]

8 Ways You Can Improve Your Dealership Website Appearance

1. Remove Pop-Ups/Fly-Overs/Distractions Hey, don’t you hate pop-ups? We do too. But beyond the initial reaction of “[Expletive deleted]! That’s annoying,” poorly-used pop-ups can also damage website credibility, appearance, and end up losing sales. If you want to know more, we wrote a whole article about how much damage pop-ups can do.   2. Be […]

6 Ways To Increase Your Auto Dealer’s Online Visibility

Your auto dealer website can be one of your most viable long-term assets. It can be used to collect leads, generate interest in your vehicle inventory and even result in direct sales. Here are a few ways to help increase your site’s online visibility and generate more sales. Speed Up Your Website According to Umass […]

[Guide] 5 Ways to Boost Car Sales With A Better Mobile Website

We’ve covered how mobile dealership sites have been letting dealers down, and how important mobile is, but let’s focus on the positive. Mobile experience can get better. Improving your mobile experience just means making using your mobile site better for your users. It also means higher conversions, more leads, and more sales (and probably happier […]

Common Usability Mistakes That Lose Dealers Shoppers and Sales

Ever been on a website, had trouble doing what you came there to do, and just left rather than trying to deal with it? We all have. We’re busy people. And that’s the point. People are too busy (or impatient) to try and sort out the issues of a website in order to get the […]

Does Google Know Where You Are?

Online Business Listing Tips For Car Dealers: Online business directories are valuable marketing tools for any B2C business. These help your customers find your location, phone number, website and read reviews about your services and products. With the increased popularity of Yelp, Foursquare and the all-powerful Google Maps, consumers now trust online directories to find […]

3 Reasons Dealership Mobile Websites are Dragging Down Sales

Mobile functionality online is of such importance to dealerships, it’s almost better to just let the statistics speak for themselves. 71% of respondents in a Facebook study use mobile during their car purchase process. That’s already an enormous percentage. On top of that, however, 58% say that in the future, their smartphone is likely to […]