How to Build Online Experiences That Keep Shoppers Coming Back

Shoppers are only visiting 1.6 dealerships in person. That’s down from 5 dealerships in 2004. And that’s because they’re shopping around online, not just for the right car, but the right dealership. In fact, on average, buyers spend close to 9 hours online, researching. The majority of their time is spent on third party websites […]

New Metrics and Measurement

As we discussed last week, the traditional way of measuring website success, namely by website leads, is a flawed approach that ends up in frustrated potential buyers abandoning a dealership. So if the focus on traditional metrics isn’t bringing in more customers – either in web leads or foot traffic, what measurement should dealers be […]

The Failure of Traditional Metrics and ‘The Website Lead’

When was the last time you filled out a form on a website? Actually, when was the last time you filled out a form on a website and didn’t resent having to do so? (Obviously not when signing up for our awesome newsletter). Nobody likes having to give up their information on the internet, particularly […]

The Ultimate List of Dealership Online Marketing Resources

When it comes to online marketing for dealerships, there’s really never enough information. We’re always looking for the next great source of data, tips, news and insights, and we figured that ambitious and knowledge-seeking dealers might like the same information we do. So we made our list of resources public. If you have some place […]

7 of the Most Brilliant Car Dealership Marketing Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

It seems like every article about dealership marketing ideas have the same vague and boring lists. Email marketing. Responsive websites. Social media. These are all well and good, but they aren’t new ideas, they’re the standard (or what should be the standard). We’ve gotten sick of seeing page after page of the same old, so […]

5 Inspiring Car Marketing Examples for Dealership Marketers

Everyone is reaching for that next awesome car marketing idea, but let’s be honest, sometimes you’re just too busy and too rushed to sit down and brainstorm it up. That’s life in the car business. If you have a second to spare, there are fifteen other things you could be spending it on. So we’ve […]