Highlights from NADA 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

If you are like us, you just got back from a whirlwind week in Las Vegas, where thousands of dealers, vendors, and industry specialists gathered to discuss new approaches in the automotive industry and to display their goods and services.  With multiple halls to explore, and a variety of excellent speakers, we gathered our highlights […]

3 Ways a Personalized Website Experience Improves Customer Experience (and Sales)

What Is A “Personalized Website Experience”? For the average internet-goer, the most obvious example of “personalization” in online marketing is often the incorporation of the user’s name in a website, ad, or email text. Something like: Pictured: Personalization in one of the most common and easily identifiable forms. While this is a great use of […]

Reducing Friction in the UX Design of Your Automotive Website

What is “Friction” in User Experience? In user experience (UX), friction is anything that prevents a user from completing their goal. This is an incredibly simple definition, and yet, a surprisingly complex topic. Friction gets complex quickly because almost without exception, the goal is to remove it from your automotive website experience, and that can […]

Car Marketing in the Age of Digital Retail

We’re living in the Age of Digital Retail, and digital retail is all about the consumer. So much so that it is redefining how customers behave, and more importantly for the automotive industry, what they expect from their shopping interactions. Car marketing in a world dominated by digital retail needs to adapt to the rapidly […]