5 Dealership Customer Experience Champions and Lessons For Success

You know that customer experience is the factor in dealership success these days. You’ve seen the stats and articles (particularly if you’ve read our blog), but we know it’s always helpful to see some examples of straight-up customer experience champions. So we’re providing just that. Here are some awesome examples of dealers who know how […]

Your Dealership, Consumer Intent, & the End of the Traditional Marketing Funnel – PART 1

In recent years, there’s been a growing trend in the online marketing world — one that dealerships have been struggling with for some time. Shoppers are radically changing how they shop for vehicles, bucking expectations based on traditional marketing strategies. This trend is finally exploding. The traditional marketing funnel is the latest casualty of this […]

Here’s How Google PageSpeed Matters For Your Dealership Website

You probably already know website speed is important. In fact, that phrase has probably been repeated so many times it’s all but lost its meaning.   Still, page load time is important. To you, your shoppers, and Google. That’s one of the reasons Google provides PageSpeed Tools, which, like most tools Google creates, has become […]