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3 Ways To Increase Your Auto Dealer Website’s Speed Immediately

Having a fast loading website is crucial for auto dealers. Visitors are more likely to hit the back button if your site is loading slowly. Page speed may also be a ranking factor when it comes to Google search results. You can check the speed of your auto dealer website with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. Below are three ways to increase your website’s speed instantly.

Optimize Your Website Images

Large image files slow down your site and increase bandwidth usage. One of the easiest ways to increase your website’s speed is by compressing images using a free tool like It’s generally a good idea to compress and resize all images before uploading them to your server.

Minify CSS & Javascripts

Minifying your files means getting rid of unnecessary spaces and characters in your auto dealer website’s CSS and Javascript files. One way to solve this problem is by installing, a tool which automatically renders a new, optimized CSS file without any blank spaces. If your auto dealer website is hosted on the WordPress platform you can install a plug-in like Autoptimize which automatically minifies your site’s code.

Utilize Browser Caching

Caching headers and can be utilized in order increase your website’s speed. Cache-control can be used in order to define how long an individual response from the server can be cached. Another option is to move statistical files from your server to a CDN (content delivery network) which is a network of servers aross the globe. This way, the static content is loaded on the server in the closest proximity to your site’s visitor resulting in faster load times.

Increasing your car dealer website’s speed will take time and effort but the results are worth it. Your surfers will be more likely to stay on your site which may result in higher conversions.