An AutoCheck ® vehicle history report helps you understand a vehicle’s history, enables you to compare similar vehicles you may be considering and helps you select the vehicle that’s right for you.

Only AutoCheck vehicle history reports include the AutoCheck Score, a tool that enables you to understand a vehicle’s past quickly and easily, compare it to other vehicles, and lower the risk of buying a vehicle with undetected problems.

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CARFAX Used Car Listings is the only place where every listing includes vehicle history reported to CARFAX, like accidents, service, mileage, and owners, to help you shop with more confidence. Only Carfax helps you search for used cars for sale based on vehicle history information gathered from more than 91,000 data sources.

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accessiBe ensures full accessibility compliance at any given time, even on websites that update daily.

Websites that undergo a web accessibility project lose their level of compliance as soon as the first update deploys. After only one year, entire sections of the site become inaccessible.

The reason for this is that websites undergoing accessibility adjustments are often modified or updated. These changes and additions do not undergo accessibility adjustments, which, in turn, create “accessibility gaps” on the website itself.

The more updates and maintenance, the more gaps the website has. Hence, in approximately 6 to 12 months, the site becomes entirely in-compliant. We see this happen every day on websites that have paid thousands of dollars to be compliant.

accessiBe doesn’t need a human to go through and analyze the website; it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to do exactly that. These technologies, first and only of their kind worldwide, scan, analyze, and decipher your website every 48 hours, thereby assuring you that your site is compliant and accessible at all times, regardless of any updates you may post.

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Jazel Auto is committed to delivering an online experience that car shoppers love. In this pursuit, we ask the same of our Partners. As a Jazel Partner the products and/or services offered should be performant and follow the best practices for privacy and security. Partner products and services should be consistent and not create unintended consequences. As changes arise, Partners should contact Jazel with any updates.