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Auto Dealer Mobile Advertising Offers New Search Ads

Google has a new type of mobile advertising for auto dealers where shoppers can swipe through high-quality car images and see vehicle features or find local auto dealerships. Some automotive brands are seeing a 30% average increase in engagement rate with these mobile search ads compared to standard text ads.

Mobile phones are frequently used to shop auto dealer inventory. In fact, half of automotive searches on Google are on mobile phones, which is up 51% year over year. To help reach these auto shoppers with the most relevant advertising, Google has rolled out their mobile ads for auto dealers to all OEM automotive advertisers in the US.

Advertising Dealership Inventory 

Searches for vehicle model pictures are up 37% year-over-year, with 80% of those searches occurring on mobile search. In fact, viewing images of cars and trucks is the most common mobile action when shopping for cars. That’s more than any other mobile action taken when shopping for a car. This new auto dealer mobile advertising recreates that showroom experience by featuring new car pictures along with additional information within mobile search ads.

Mobile Ads for Nearby Dealers

Going to auto dealerships is still an important part of the selling process. In the past year, search interest for “car dealerships near me” has doubled, with interest in dealer phone numbers up nearly 80% year over year. Auto dealer mobile advertising captures this growing opportunity by featuring the location, directions, and a click-to-call button of nearby dealerships at the top of mobile search results. Auto shoppers who start their search with a car model can easily tap on the “Dealers” button in the ad to get directions to or call local dealerships in their area.