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Is Your Dealer’s Website Optimized for Mobile Search?

In 2015 Google announced their new mobile search strategy with the goal of getting every website to feature a mobile-friendly version of their site for smartphones. If your auto dealer’s website hasn’t seen a major update in the last couple years, it’s likely that it is not mobile friendly and you could be losing mobile search rankings.

The easiest and preferred method of making your website mobile friendly is to switch to a responsive website design. With a responsive design, the URL and everything on the page, including the HTML, images and links remain the same, but the CSS adapts the page for optimal viewing on a variety of screen sizes, including smartphones.

Google also allows for adaptive/dynamic serving and separate mobile sites, but they are not recommended due to the difficulty in optimizing for search, as the HTML code is different on the mobile version of the page.

The easiest way of checking if your dealership’s site is mobile-friendly is by using Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool.

Why is Mobile Search so Important?

With billions of smartphones being used every day around the world, the number of searches done on mobile has been outpacing those on desktop/laptop computer for the past couple years. Time spent on mobile vs. desktop has also been growing, as the average adult spends more time per day using their smartphone than any other type of internet connected device.

Mobile searches are also likely to be more local-focused and immediate, meaning people are looking for something in their area right now. As an auto dealership, optimizing for local search can be the difference between getting a customer to come in that day and losing business to another dealer.