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Automotive Content Marketing Tips

Here are a few automotive content marketing tips that can help connect with customers.

Check Your Website SEO

If your site is already struggling to rank in search, even the best content marketing will be of little use. Before spending lots of hours and money writing blog posts, building new webpages and adding other valuable content to your site, first check if there are any SEO issues. Start by checking to make sure your site’s structure makes sense, that there are no spammy inbound links and that there isn’t a Google penalty against your site.

Be Clear and Consistent

Creating content that is easy to understand and professional should be a top priority. Blog posts or webpages that are hard to read or poorly laid out can quickly turn readers away. Don’t try to force too many keywords or ideas into a single post, as that can poorly effect both readability and SEO. Instead, create more unique content and release it on a regular basis so customers will have a reason to come back to your site.

Add Visual Media

While your text content may be very interesting and a joy to read, most customers don’t want to look at a large block of text. Images, videos and infographics can break up the content into easier to digest pieces, and can also help with a page’s SEO.

Update Your Old Content

Consistently adding new content is key to content marketing, but updating your old content can be just as important. Customers may still be searching for specific topics or keywords used in your previous content, and you want to make sure they are seeing updated information. This can be as easy as changing a few links on a webpage or changing a couple sentences in a blog post, and will make a big difference in the long term.