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Automotive Pay Per Click Advertising Expands PPC Ads for Car Dealers

Pay per click advertising for car dealers is changing. Google announced the biggest change to their pay per click advertising program since AdWords launched.

Mobile search is having a big impact on pay per click ads, and earlier this year Google removed right-hand side PPC ads to make them more consistent across search devices. That paved the way for Google to introduce their new advertising format, called Expanded Text Ads, which will change automotive pay per click advertising campaigns.

Headlines will double in size for automotive PPC ads and descriptions will increase so dealerships can showcase more information about inventory and services.

Here are the key changes that can affect automotive pay per click advertising:

More Prominent Headlines

The current PPC advertising program allows one 25 character headline. With the new ad format, Google will allow pay per click ads to have two 30 character headlines.

Longer Description Line

Pay per click ads currently use a format of two 35 character description lines. That PPC ad format will be replaced by one consolidated 80 character description line.

Relevant Display URL

Manually entered display URLs in pay per click ads will be replaced by automatically extracted URLs. you can customize the URL path to enhance the display.

According to early testing, up to 20% higher clickthrough rates have been reported compared to current PPC ads. Google hasn’t provided a specific release date, but car dealers can expect the new pay per click advertising program to roll out later this year.