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Blog Topics For Auto Dealers

Does your dealership suffer from bloggers block?

It happens to even the most prolific writers. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with stimulating blog content to entertain and inform your audience. When this happens, some auto dealerships choose to simply repost content that already lives on their site, such as posts that advertise a free car wash with every service visit. Other car dealers post adorable photos of the company mascot or favorite recipes submitted by employees.

Although dealer incentives and warm, fuzzy content can enhance a blog, experts advise against using too much of this type of content. The goal is to write about topics that customers care about. If your blog is being used to draw traffic to your site, it’s posts should contain topics that align with popular consumer searches that pertain to your business. In other words, a post containing a recipe for the best cheesecake is probably not going to bring a flurry of new customers to your site.

So what should you write about?

When people conduct searches for new cars, used cars or auto service and repair, they like to find (and read) research results, popular opinion and of course, deals. According to the Google Keyword Tool these topics are quite popular in national monthly searches.

Based on this information, dealers who write blog content that touch on these topics could potentially increase traffic to their sites. The following are a few suggested topics to help get your creative juices flowing.

Blog Topics for Auto Research:


  • Trends in the Industry – Talk about trends in the auto industry such as the latest innovations and the models that will be setting benchmarks for the future.
  • Comparisons – Comparisons between auto brands are very popular. People want to learn which is the best brand to buy. Consider writing posts that explain why is your brand better than another.
  • What’s New on the Lot – Whenever a new or updated model arrives at your dealership why not write a brief review about it? Tell your customers why this new model is the best thing since sliced bread.


Blog Topics for Popular Opinion:


  • Reader Opinions – Pose your own questions and let your readers create the content. A simple post that asks readers to share their favorite new car color or trim option could provide entertaining and informative content.
  • Share Customer Feedback – Pull highlights from your social media reviews to create a post based entirely on popular opinion.
  • Answer Questions – Pick a few of the questions your dealership is asked most frequently and answer them in a blog post.


Blog Topics for Auto Deals:


  • Factory Incentives & Auto Service Specials – Let’s face it, blog posts that talk about current factory incentives or auto service specials are actually advertisements. Most people avoid advertisements but if you write a clever blog that compares special offers between models your post could be perceived as a research piece that highlights attractive deals.
  • Used Car Deals – Used car shoppers are deal seekers. So why not write about your top selling used cars, the brands that are frequently in inventory and mention some specials?