3 Ways a Personalized Website Experience Improves Customer Experience (and Sales)

What Is A “Personalized Website Experience”? For the average internet-goer, the most obvious example of “personalization” in online marketing is often the incorporation of the user’s name in a website, ad, or email text. Something like: Pictured: Personalization in one of the most common and easily identifiable forms. While this is a great use of […]

Reducing Friction in the UX Design of Your Automotive Website

What is “Friction” in User Experience? In user experience (UX), friction is anything that prevents a user from completing their goal. This is an incredibly simple definition, and yet, a surprisingly complex topic. Friction gets complex quickly because almost without exception, the goal is to remove it from your automotive website experience, and that can […]

Take Customer Centricity Beyond Brick and Mortar

We advocate for a customer-centric approach to all aspects of a dealership, but when it comes down to it, we’re experts in the online experience. The following is a practical guide to incorporating customer centricity into each aspect of your online experience.   Practicing Customer Centricity Online Dealerships have traditionally had a problem with their […]

Updated Best Practices for Dealership Websites

In the hectic day-to-day of dealership business, it can be hard to carve out time to keep your website up to the ever-changing standards of online shoppers. We can’t do that for you (unless you’re one of our clients), but we can help jump-start you with the best practices for delighting today’s car shoppers.   […]

Here’s How to Use Google My Business as an Auto Marketing Solution

Here’s How to Use Google My Business as an Auto Marketing Solution Google My Business pages are a wonderful shopping tool. A quick glance at a GMB can save us from showing up to closed restaurants, visiting the gym at crowded peak hours, or hiring that creepy locksmith. We love GMB pages as shoppers, but […]

How Do AMP Pages Change Your Customer Experience?

When AMP pages first came bursting in on the mobile search scene, they caused a huge uproar, but now they’re quietly defining our mobile experience. AMP pages were created to help address a problem that was preventing the boom of mobile search – poor mobile customer experience due to page speed. How exactly do mobile […]

5 Ways to Feed Your Automotive BDC With Qualified Leads

We’ve seen lot of complaints about car shoppers these days. They’re more fickle, picky, and demanding. They want more for less and they want it faster. We get it. The Age of the Consumer had brought sudden change to an industry that has been largely uninterrupted in terms of sales technique and dealership culture. Automotive […]

Accelerated Mobile Pages and Your Dealership

As mobile use explodes across the world, the Accelerated Mobile Pages project from Google has brought us faster mobile pages and better user experience. From ecommerce to news, businesses have been capitalizing on the mobile rush and developing AMP pages. Now it’s time for the auto-industry as a whole, and dealerships specifically, to get in […]

How to Build Online Experiences That Keep Shoppers Coming Back

Shoppers are only visiting 1.6 dealerships in person. That’s down from 5 dealerships in 2004. And that’s because they’re shopping around online, not just for the right car, but the right dealership. In fact, on average, buyers spend close to 9 hours online, researching. The majority of their time is spent on third party websites […]

New Metrics and Measurement

As we discussed last week, the traditional way of measuring website success, namely by website leads, is a flawed approach that ends up in frustrated potential buyers abandoning a dealership. So if the focus on traditional metrics isn’t bringing in more customers – either in web leads or foot traffic, what measurement should dealers be […]