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Summary: DrivingSales Consumer Experience Whitepaper – Building Trust Online

Businessman tearing up a sign saying - Distrust - conceptual image importance of trust and cooperation in successful business.

With Customer Experience (CX) being such a hot topic, last week we provided a quick summary of the four-part DrivingSales Dealership Customer Experience study.

Today, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into part 2 of the study, which focused on dealership websites. DrivingSales uncovered serious insights that may have major ramifications for dealership bottom lines.

See some of the key findings and their implications below:

#1 – Many car shoppers avoid dealership websites because they find them untrustworthy, “confusing and cluttered”, and they don’t want to be bugged if they submit a question or inquiry.

Implication: shoppers’ avoidance of dealership websites is driving them to 3rd parties, which then in turn charge the dealerships for the leads generated on their sites.


#2 – Car shoppers are distrustful of dealership websites, with only 36% giving them a favorable score in terms of trustworthiness, reliability, or accuracy

Implication: many dealership websites may be inadequate at alleviating shopper anxieties and providing them with the information they need to feel confident.


#3 – Car shoppers view the dealership’s website to be a representation of how they will be treated in the store.

Implication: dealerships need to instill trust and confidence in their shoppers. Those that do will attract more quality shoppers to their store.


#4 – 61% of dealership website visitors who subsequently visit the dealership do so without submitting a web form or making a phone call.

Implication: dealerships should focus less on site conversion rates, and more on providing the best possible CX on their website, so as to maximize overall sales opportunities.


Here’s where you can download the study:

DrivingSales Consumer Experience Whitepaper Part 2