How to Create an Automotive Dealership Marketing Plan – Step 2

This is Step Two of our Automotive Dealership Marketing Plan How-To Guide. If you haven’t read Step One yet, we advise you go back to Step One: Market Research.    STEP TWO: Building the Foundations of Your Automotive Dealership Marketing Plan Once you have conducted your market research and have your results, you can begin to […]

How to Create an Automotive Dealership Marketing Plan – Step 1

Sometimes the most daunting task in creating a retail automotive marketing plan is knowing where to begin, and what steps logically flow from each other. We’re here to help; what follows is Step One in our concise four-part retail automotive dealership marketing plan series.   STEP ONE: Market Analysis Market analysis isn’t easy. Many businesses […]

How to Evaluate an Automotive Marketing Services Vendor

We write a lot about car shoppers and their wishes, hopes, and fears. They want something to fit their needs at a decent price, and they’re worried about getting tricked or misled. When it comes to selecting an automotive marketing services vendor, many dealers feel the same. There are a lot of options out there, […]

Automotive Marketing Strategies That Suck and How to Replace Them

Famously, there are only two inevitabilities in life; death and taxes. Everything else, within reason, is up to us. So why would we put up with bad automotive marketing strategies when we don’t have to? Avoid the frustration of doing quality work only to see zero return thanks to poor decision making higher up the […]

Thinking of Hiring an Automotive Marketing Consultant? Read This First.

When times get tougher and profit margins get thinner, many dealerships are tempted by anything that promises to kick their marketing into gear and bring in more sales. And that is exactly what so many automotive marketing consultants promise to do. Higher conversions, more traffic, more sales, more profit. But those in the auto business […]