3 Dealerships That Are Killing it With Customer Centricity

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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We’ve been talking a lot about customer centricity, and as awesome as it is as a strategy, it can be a little hard to imagine implementing customer centric tactics at home. So we put together a list of some of the top customer centric dealerships, and delved into exactly what makes them customer centric, and the benefits they have reaped. You’ve read the tips, guides, and tricks. These are the examples:

For even more examples, check out these 5 Dealership Customer Experience Champions and Lessons For Success [with pictures].


Prime Motor Group

All dealers would probably say that they provide amazing customer service, but few dealers are as committed to customer centricity as Prime Motor Group. Their central, overriding philosophy is customer satisfaction at all points in the sales process, and transparency and trust no matter the service. Their mantra “no fine print, no gimmicks,” is a testament to their commitment to a no-hassle sales and honest service work.

We’ve seen a lot of debate over transparency in price. Some people believe that customers shouldn’t know what goes into the price they get, lest they use that knowledge to try to negotiate the price down. Prime takes a different tactic, the “The Prime Price Promise.” Prime recognizes that shoppers do research before coming to the dealership, and the best way to adapt to this is to acknowledge it up front. This involves validating their pricing with Edmunds, so the customer can understand how the price compares with the general marketplace. They also show the customer the MSRP, dealer invoice, and Edmunds True Market Value. Short of giving customers the books, Prime does everything it can to encourage transparency and understanding between dealership and customer.

With these customer centric practices, Prime has built a reputation for excellent prices, exceptional customer service, and a simple, straight-forward sales process. One has to go no further than their reviews page to see the fruits of this strategy spelled out on every line. If you have time, we particularly recommend reading the review about a Maine-San Diego sales emergency.


Galpin Motors

Everyone knows the Galpin name. As one of the top dealers in the country, with all the advertising power that accompanies that, not everyone would expect Galpin to be the most customer centric of dealers. They’d be wrong. One of the reasons Galpin has become a giant in the industry is their longstanding commitment to customer experience.

What other dealership has a Customer Bill of Rights?

Yes, you read that correctly. Galpin doesn’t just make vague offers of “the best customer service,” they promise their customers rights. It’s a customer service guarantee that actually

As a customer of Galpin, you have the right to:

  • Courteous and professional treatment at all times.
  • Honest information when you request it, without evasiveness.
  • Prompt and efficient service with genuine concern for your time.
  • Choose which products and services you purchase.
  • Clear and thorough explanations of all financing and purchase details.
  • Receive copies of all documents signed.
  • Expect the value of products and services to be equal to or exceed the purchase price.
  • Be invited to buy without feeling pressured.
  • Expect us to keep our promises to you.
  • Expect the same level of professional service before, during and after the sale.

This proud commitment to customer experience isn’t just a feel-good mission statement, Galpin lives by it. In fact, this approach works so well that 90% of their business comes from repeat, referral, or because of their positive reputation.


Thompson’s Toyota

Pricing transparency and customer rights are amazing approaches to customer centricity, but Thompson’s Toyota has taken customer centricity digital. Thompson’s Toyota has brought the fundamentals of customer centricity and poured their energy into a website that reflects their dedication to the customer.

Ryan J. Turner, GSM of Thompson’s, looked to mae their sales process faster, more convenient, and better for the customer online. “We’re three clicks from going into a VDP or requesting pricing… our competitive advantage is a streamlined vehicle presentation as well as a streamlined process for the customer who doesn’t have to make 25 clicks to get the information they want.” Expediting the customer’s online information gathering is a brilliant move. Being able to swiftly and easily find information is a key element of online customer centricity.

Ryan didn’t stop at revamping their online experience. In addition to this, he incorporated their new customer centric website in their on-the-lot sales process.  “All of my sales guys all day long utilize our mobile platform to search inventory while they’re on the lot. We actually have iPads that allow them to access inventory while they’re walking the lot with a customer.” The inspired blending of their customer centric website and their sales staff takes their digital customer centricity to the next level, and man, does it pay off.

They saw a 5% increase in sales, 76% increase in gross profit, and an overall reduction in vehicle days-on-lot.