6 Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Auto Dealer Website

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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More traffic isn’t necessarily better if it doesn’t lead to more sales for your auto dealership. Here are a few tips to help you collect more leads and convert visitors into actual car buyers.


Ensure That Your Search Traffic Is Relevant

Obtaining the right kind of traffic for your dealership is more important than sheer volume.
For example, your latest blog post may rank at the top of Google search for the newest concept vehicle from Honda or Toyota but it’s not very likely to attract local buyers interested in purchasing a vehicle from your dealership.

The keywords that drive the most traffic for car dealerships include “brand+dealer+city”, “city+brand+dealer”, “brand+service+city” and “used cars + city”. The easiest way to obtain relevant traffic is by creating new content targeting specific keywords that are most likely to attract local car buyers.


Display A Lead Form On Every Page

Conversion elements including lead and contact forms should be displayed on every page. These should be visible above the fold without the visitor having to scroll down. The sidebar is also an excellent option because it allows you to display relevant content while keeping a lead form visible at all times.

Keep forms as concise as possible and only add fields that are absolutely necessary. Customers are less likely to fill out long forms. Avoid using a CAPTCHA if possible. These are excellent for filtering out spam but an extra step which can deter auto shoppers from filling out your form.


Improve Your CTA’s

Minor modifications to your site’s CTA’s such as altering the font size, color and placement can dramatically impact conversions. Placing the call-to-action button above the fold appears to boost conversions for many sites.

The text and images surrounding the CTA are also vital. If you’re using a “hero image” or background photo make sure that it doesn’t clash with the button. Editing software can be used to alter the background image transparency level in order to make the text more prominent. Use text colors that are in contrast with the image for maximum effect; for example, if the background is darker use a light text color and vice versa.

Buttons tend to get higher click throughs compared to text links plus they are also more mobile-friendly. Experiment with your CTA’s and conduct A/B multivariate testing in order to determine which variation performs best. If your site runs on WordPress you can easily install plugins which will allow you to split test CTA’s and headlines.


Display Contact Information Prominently

Authenticity increases trust and increases inquiries and revenue. A study conducted by The Age of Authenticity, Cohn & Wolf shows that consumers are 63% more likely to make a purchase from a company they trust.

Show that there’s a real organization behind your auto dealer website by posting photos and bios of your employees. Provide an in-depth “About page” detailing your company’s history, founders and mission. Highlight any charities or community organizations that you’re apart of.


Provide Customer Testimonials

Use customer testimonials in order to show social proof and gain trust. Make it easy for prospective car buyers to view testimonials and reviews from previous satisfied buyers.

Display your testimonials on a prominent location such as the homepage and link to third party websites such as Yelp or DealerRater where customers can peruse reviews even further. Add a feedback form to your site and allow visitors and buyers to leave their thoughts.


Reduce The Risk Of Purchase

A new vehicle may be the largest purchase made by a consumer after their mortgage. Ease the mind of prospective buyers by prominently displaying information about guarantees, powertrain warranties and service options.