6 Car Dealer PPC Strategies You’ve Never Heard Of

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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Because PPC is a key part of a successful digital advertising campaign, there’s usually intense competition between dealerships to gain the digital edge. Across the nation, many dealerships are struggling to find a winning car dealer PPC strategy.  Consider the following strategies you might not have heard of as you determine how to define your PPC strategy and drive more customers to your dealership website:

Answer Search Queries in Your Car Dealer PPC

Nobody talks about the power of good ad copy in Adwords, but it makes a critical difference. The tip we really want to showcase when it comes to improving your car dealer PPC is writing with the user’s end-goal in mind – which you can usually tell from their query. If someone googles “best prius lease deal,” your dealership should respond with an ad that contains something like: “The Best Deal Around: $190/month,” instead of “Lease a 2017 Prius at Boring Motors.” Instead of simply suggesting your website or business as a solution, tell users what they can exact as a solution from your dealership. Responding to user queries with targeted ad copy can significantly improve your car dealer PPC campaign and boost ROI immediately. Simple changes, like the difference between “Need to Sell Your Car?” and “We’ll Buy Your Car Today” for the search query “sell your car” can bump up your conversions by 30%.


The Final Countdown

There are a lot of moments in the dealership business that are perfect opportunities for building some tension and urgency. We usually aren’t huge fans of high-pressure sales games, but we can’t deny the power of a countdown timer. Now, you can add a countdown timer to your car dealer PPC ads via some additions for Adwords. You can create car dealer PPC ads like: “Black Friday Deals: 5 hr 24 min to OPEN” or “Spring Sale: Only 2 days 4 hours Left! We really don’t see countdowns used often enough, and particularly within the automotive industry. Stand out during seasonal sales by creating an urgency and drive that leaves the competition in the dust.


Be In The Now

You can see tremendous improvement in your car dealer PPC KPIs by including a little more connection to recent happenings in your ad copy. If you are advertising your Parts and Service department, you can create ads like “Toyota Servicing – $42,000+ Saved in June” for budget-related queries, or “Toyota Repair – 1,493 Serviced in April” for general queries. The possibilities for are endless. Use your customer experience statistics from last month to advertise this month. This means keeping tabs on your car dealer PPC and updating it relatively frequently, but the results are absolutely worth it. A comparison between a vague car dealer PPC ad, and one with a number from a recent month found a 217% increase in CTR and a 23% boost in conversion rates.  


Specificity and Credibility

Something that doubtlessly contributes to the success of examples like the ones above is both the addition of numbers to the ad copy and the specificity of those numbers.

Click to Tweet: When you offer numerical indications of your dealership’s desirability, you can get a 88% higher click-through rate at a confidence level of 99%.

The benefits do not stop there the more specific the number, the more credible and impressive the statement. An ad with a number like “8000+” is impressively high, but if that number is 8219, that shows both a) that you must be telling the truth – lending you credibility, and b) that you care enough about your customers to keep track of that number so accurately.


Local Love

These days, there’s a lot of desire to do business with local businesses over large, corporate ones. In fact, this sentiment is so powerful, having an 800 number has started to hurt companies, who do better when they use call tracking numbers with local area codes. People trust local business. You can work this sentiment into your car dealer PPC ads by creating geographic specific ads and embellishing them with local terminology.


Test, Test, Test

The final tip we can offer is to test, and test constantly. AdWords is glorious in the ability to A/B test anything. You can begin improving your car dealer PPC ads over your competition until you are utterly dominating the online search market. You have the ability to consistently test variations of your best-performing ad copy until it has been completely optimized, as well as modifying your worst-performing car dealer PPC ads until they have been brought up to snuff.


Using these strategies, your dealership can dramatically improve your PPC ROI today.  Be sure to keep a close eye on your reporting so you can track the difference, and learn from both the mistakes and the strokes of genius. Car dealer PPC is a competitive arena, but with these tips, you can get ahead.