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Your Online Showroom, Dynamic VDPs


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VDPs: The Dynamic Showroom

What is a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), and what does it do for your business? VDPs are pages on your website that detail all of the information regarding a specific VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of a new or used vehicle. These are able to show a variety of information customers are looking for, from specific details about performance to available interiors, as well as any customizations done. 

What does it do for Customers?

Customers are able to sort through available vehicles to find the model they’re looking for. Each VDP is incredibly easy to view, allowing dealers to share large images clearly showing the vehicle in the center of the screen. Full pricing is listed, with breakdowns including add-ons or rebates, and any other deals or promotions that a dealer may have. Full window stickers can be made available, making the online process easier, while giving shoppers more information at their fingertips. 

VDPs show full technical specifications, standard features, and can be flagged with special statuses including “Pre-Owned”, “Electric”, and “New Arrival”. If the vehicle is pre-owned, the dealer can provide a full description, highlighting potential features or existing damage, if any. The page can also show the vehicle’s location, and can provide a map and a link for directions. If the customer is interested in the model they’re looking at, a section of the VDP will allow them to submit their information as well as a way for them to get their vehicle valued for trade-in. 

What does it do for you?

The format of all VDPs are configurable, with each dealership able to control how its vehicles are presented to be in line with its branding. All of these pages are fully responsive, and work in all resolutions and sizes. A customer will be able to pull up a vehicle and get the same experience whether it’s on desktop or mobile. 

We’ve often seen that across entire websites, the total of all of the VDPs get more views – even more than the home page and contact pages. Each page has a view count available in the back end of Jazel websites so that dealers can tell which of their vehicles are the most popular with their online shoppers, which could also mirror interest on location. Related to views, when it comes to ecommerce, VDPs are the lowest funnel. This means that someone who lands on a VDP is likely further along in the shopping process and getting ready to buy a vehicle, since they’ve narrowed down their search to a specific vehicle.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of what VDPs can do, schedule a demo with us!