Essential Marketing Principles for Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealerships, Part 2

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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Yesterday we talked about the huge opportunity awaiting buy-here-pay-here dealerships who are bold enough to take steps to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing. We highlighted two of the four key principles that will separate winners from losers in this space. Today, let’s wrap up the discussion with the final two items.

#3 – Make Sure Your Mobile Experience is Up-to-Par

Though you’ve certainly heard about how important mobile is in today’s day and age, for buy-here-pay-here dealerships, mobile is even more important. A bad mobile experience could break your car dealership, while an exceptional experience can help ensure your prosperity for years to come.

Because buy-here-pay-here buyers tend to be of lower income, many of them can only afford to access the internet through their mobile devices. A recent study by Digital Equity for Learning – a research team funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – found that roughly one quarter of low income families in the U.S. are mobile only (1).

Our own internal statistics verify this point. In an analysis of hundreds of dealerships nationwide, we found that 71% of traffic to buy-here-pay-here dealerships comes from mobile devices. By contrast, only 58% of traffic to traditional dealerships comes from mobile.

So, what can you do to ensure your dealership’s mobile website is up-to-par?

  1. Ensure your website is using responsive design. With literally thousands of different devices and screen sizes in the market today, responsive web design is no longer an option – it’s a requirement.
  2. Make sure your mobile website allows shoppers to easily search for and browse your inventory without having to use clunky filters or pagination.

#4 – Excel on Trust, Credibility, and Customer Experience

Just because big, franchise dealerships won’t serve many BHPH buyers doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to be as credible as a big, franchise dealership (or more).

Many of these buyers are in dire financial straights. One major financial mistake on their part could bankrupt them or put them even further into debt, reducing the likelihood of being able to send their kids to college, pay for adequate nutrition, or accomplish any of their other financial goals.

When you couple these concerns with the fact that dealerships don’t have the best reputations, it’s understandable that many of these buyers would be skeptical of dealerships and worried that they may be taken advantage of.

Thus, the buy-here-pay-here dealerships that succeed will be the ones that put these worries to rest by communicating a message of assurance, professionalism, and credibility in their dealership marketing.

What are some easy ways for your dealership to do that?

  1. Have a very well-designed website (on par or better than franchise dealerships). With the majority of car shopping happening online these days, your website plays a crucial role in helping shoppers determine at which dealerships they can expect to receive a good experience. Be sure to show happy people on your website, as well as testimonials from real shoppers.
  2. Another way to convey credibility is to have a website that works as intended and is easy-to-use. Offer your shoppers the same tools they’ve come to expect on Amazon, Google, or social media platforms such as Facebook.

In every industry, some businesses thrive while others stagnate. These key principles will make the difference for your business. Focus on understanding your audience, delivering a message they care about on the devices they use, and doing so in a way that conveys the credibility of your dealership, and you’ll be well-positioned to succeed moving into the future. To find out how our customer centric websites can put you on a level playing field with the titans in your industry, request a demo and make sure to come visit us at the NIADA Convention & Expo, Booth #1220 in Las Vegas, June 12-15th.