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Flexibility that empowers digital strategy

Package 1


Jazel’s customer-experience focused websites utilize cutting-edge designs that showcase your Ford dealership. Every website is responsive and built mobile-first with proven HTTPS/SSL security. All designs are themeless to enable purpose-driven landing pages, greater customization options, and easier site refreshes and redesigns.

Package 2 - DOOR

Includes everything that is part of Package 1 plus Jazel’s Dealer Online Order Request (DOOR) service that allows car shoppers to customize a new vehicle from start to finish right on the dealership’s website. Engage shoppers early in their buying cycle and offer them a richer ordering experience for vehicles not currently in inventory or available by pre-order only.

Package 3 - SEO

Includes everything that is part of Package 1 plus SEO get more from your website with optimization of your content, meta data, and schema data for search engines and users. Get access to our SEO expertise when adding new content to your site, as well as quick resolution of any technical SEO issues. Includes transparent monitoring and reporting.

*Support includes requested updates to specials and other site content.

Included Features & Services

Flexibility that empowers digital strategy

  • Responsive & Themeless CX Website
  • WordPress Platform
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Enabled
  • Mobile First Construction
  • Easy-to-Use Drag & Drop Builder
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Dedicated Performance Review
  • RealSearch®
  • Video Hero
  • MetaSPA
  • Configurable Search Result Sorting
  • Website Analytics Reports
  • Product Support
  • Website Services*
  • Banner Creation*
  • Custom Page Creation*
  • Inventory Exports
  • Inventory Pooling
  • Heat & Click Mapping*
  • Save Your Favorites
  • Vehicle & Price Alerts
  • Inventory Comparisons

Product Accessories

À la carte add-ons for your FordDirect website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase your search presence with high-quality backlinks, citations, and unique content for your website. We conduct research for additional created content, solicit backlinks and citations for your website, track and monitor your campaigns, and provide monthly reporting of KPIs. Includes all Core SEO services.


*For packages without SEO

Dealer Online Order Request (DOOR) Service

Jazel’s new Dealer Online Order Request (DOOR) service allows car shoppers to customize a new vehicle from start to finish on the dealership’s website. Engage shoppers early in their buying cycle and offer them a richer ordering experience for vehicles not currently in inventory or available by pre-order only.


*For packages without DOOR

Future-Proof CX Websites

Website features and services for your Ford dealership

Cloud Computing

Industry leading reliability & scalability


World leading CMS with a cloud native installation, professionally architected, managed and hardened

Mobile-First Design

Clean, contemporary and easy to update, refresh and even redesign to fresh and current

Themeless Full-Feature Page Builder

Wordpress Elementor Page Building
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Instant visual feedback
  • Dozens of page templates
  • Easily create for every device
  • Dozens of drag & drop content elements
  • Robust and granular control over content’s presentation, layout, and position

RealSearch® Inventory Search Engine

True free-text search engine for inventory

• Algorithmic based search results

• Filters and sorts by relevance

• All Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) data can be searchable

Familiar user interface

• Visitors already know how to use free text search

• Interprets misspellings to provide relevant results

Improved Engagement

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increase in time on site
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increase in pages per session

Dynamic Inventory Pages

Redesigned Mobile-First

• Tap & touch to get to results faster

• Fluid & consistent experience from mobile to desktop

• Includes our most requested feature, search results paging

Redesigned VDPs

• Full-width vehicle gallery

• Content layout

• Yoast integrated VDPs

Mobile Designed Filter
Redesigned Vdp1

Meta SRP

SEO Superiority

  • Automatically creates search result pages (SRPs) with relevant metadata based on currently available inventory
  • Dynamic page titles and meta descriptions mean fully indexable search results pages out of the box
  • Programmatically generated SRP links are created and added to both the XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Links create connections between pages for improved relevance
  • Breadcrumbs improve user experience (UX) by letting shoppers know where they are and how they got there while allowing them to jump to any point along their shopping path
  • This fresh data encourages Google and other search engines to more frequently crawl your site, identify and classify these SRPs
  • This provides you with more comprehensive search results to customers using organic search
Sitemap Ford New Inventory

Automotive Shopping Modules

Fast & Fluid Shopping Experience

• One-click chips with or without counts

• Tabbed or deconstructed layouts

Jelly Beans

• Model year updater

• Name and count configurations

• Side and 3/4 views

Feature Rich Functionality

• Flexible functionality built into your inventory merchandising

• Display offers, Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP), Call To Actions (CTA), etc.

Tab With Ford Jellybeans

Dealer Online Order Request

Custom order Request

• Car shoppers can customize a new vehicle from start to finish on your website

• Real-time summary of selected trim including available packages, options, and features with applicable pricing

• Display full line-up or customize a selection of models/trims to display

Consultative Touchpoint

• Engage shoppers early in the buying cycle

• Offer them a rich vehicle ordering experience not currently in inventory or available by pre-order only

• Enhanced lead info with customers selections equips you to work with the customer to educate, expedite, enhance, or order requests prior to finalizing an order or purchase transaction

• Assign your best Online Order Specialist, Product Expert, Order Expediter, Customization Coordinator, etc. to assist with the order before finalizing with OEM

Door Interface

Responsive & Themeless CX Website

Jazel’s customer-experience focused websites utilize cutting-edge designs that showcase your Ford dealership. Every website we design is themeless to enable purpose-driven landing pages, greater customization options, and easier site refreshes and redesigns.

WordPress Platform

The industry-standard WordPress content management system that is professionally architected and maintained by Jazel allows you to easily manage all your online content in just a few clicks with searchable and sortable page, post, and media managers.

Cloud Hosting

Jazel’s cloud-based websites deliver reliable uptime backed with consistently fast response times and industry leading domain name service tools. We utilize industry-leading technologies, including ReCaptcha 3 for protecting your website against fraud, CDNs for fast user experience, and Amazon Web Services for secure and reliable access no matter where you are located.

SEO Enabled

Jazel’s automotive websites are SEO enabled with industry standard features like XML and HTML sitemaps, Yoast SEO, an easy-to-use redirect manager, and Structured Data (Schema) compatibility.

Mobile-First Construction

Designed for automotive dealers, Jazel’s websites are created with a mobile-first responsive design and layout, and are optimized for cross-device usability.

Easy-to-Use Drag & Drop Page Builder

Jazel’s intuitive and easy-to-use page builder allows responsive pages to be built that look compelling on any device. See any changes you make to a page in real-time, allowing you to quickly and easily create or edit a page exactly how you want.

Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard provides key information that helps you manage your dealership. You can configure and prioritize the information that helps you monitor, manage, and merchandise your dealership’s online presence. Some popular widgets include those that give insight into website traffic and inventory reporting, which can help decide which vehicles should have specials or discounts applied, or see which pages or posts are performing best.


RealSearch is our industry leading auto inventory search engine, where shoppers can find the vehicle they want on your lot in a few short seconds. It is a true free-text search engine with algorithmic-based results (think Google, Bing or Amazon). Filter and sort results by relevance. All the data on your VDPs is searchable with auto correction of misspellings.

Video Hero

Showcase your dealership or specific models with an optional eye-catching Video Hero that automatically plays at the top of your website’s homepage. Videos can also be replaced with static banners on mobile devices to save data.


MetaSPA search results pages are dynamically generated with relevant metadata based on currently available inventory. SRPs are automatically added to the HTML and XML sitemaps whenever they are created to provide up-to-date and relevant information to search engines about your new and used vehicle inventory.

Configurable Search Results Sorting

Customize how car shoppers interact with your vehicle inventory pages with configurable search result sorting. You can pick which filters are available to be selected, which order vehicles are displayed in, and how many vehicles are shown per page.

Website Analytics Reports

For a deeper look into how your website is performing, our website analytics dashboard gives a clean one-page view of the most essential data points for your website. See page views, users, bounce rates, and more to gain a better understanding of how shoppers are interacting with your website.

Product Support

Jazel’s Product Support team is here to help you manage your dealership’s website. We are here to help you learn how to add or edit content, update specials, manage inventory, and much more. Our team is also available to help solve any issues that may come up with configuration of your website, including vehicle feeds and analytics.

Website Services

Jazel’s Website Services team is here to help make things easier for you when it comes to managing and updating your dealership website. We can help with making and installing banners, updating specials pages, creating landing pages, sourcing content for your website such as new images, updating pricing on vehicle inventory, and so much more.

Dealer Requested Banner Creation

Receive custom created banners each month designed by our team at Jazel. Banners can be used for homepage sliders, specials pages, and inventory banners.

Dedicated Performance Review

The team at Jazel will personally review your website analytics and performance with you on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

Inventory Exports

Utilize anywhere from 5 to unlimited inventory exports per month in supported export formats.

Inventory Pooling

Share inventory feeds with other dealerships in your group with available inventory pooling features.

Heat & Click Mapping

Jazel offers heat mapping and click mapping analytics with A/B testing for your website at your request. We can offer our insights and recommendations on layout, CTAs, and verbiage to help your website perform at its best.

Save Your Favorites

Jazel's account portal allows car shoppers to access their recently viewed vehicles and save their favorites for viewing later without having to set up an account.

Vehicle & Price Alerts

Car shoppers can enable inventory and price change alerts with notifications on vehicles they are interested in at your dealership.

Inventory Comparisons

Jazel's comparison tool allows for car shoppers to compare models right on your site while they are researching which car to buy.

AutoFocus Highlights

AutoFocus Highlights enhances the car shopping experience by dynamically merchandising the unique qualities of each vehicle in a highly visible and easily digestible format. This technology automatically identifies and “focuses" on the unique highlights and features for each vehicle in your inventory. These highlights are prominently displayed on the SRPs & VDPs to make it easy for automotive shoppers to quickly identify the unique features of each car in your inventory.

Dealer Requested Custom Page Creation

Receive custom created pages each month designed by our team at Jazel. These pages may be used for new products or services, vehicle launches, community events, and more.

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