Jazel’s Problem-Solving Series #2: Irrelevant Online Offers

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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Welcome back to Jazel’s Problem-Solving blog series! In our second post, we’re looking at the all-too-common problem of irrelevant dealership offers. 

Naturally, your site is one of the top places for showcasing your dealership’s upcoming sales or seasonal discounts, as well as OEM offers and incentive programs. But if you’re not showing offers that shoppers care about – it’s effectively a waste of space. 

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Dealership Website Problem #2: Irrelevant Online Offers 

Irrelevant online offers are a widespread problem. Why show a truck special to a shopper looking at hybrids? A banner they’re never going to care about or an offer that doesn’t apply to them isn’t going to get clicked. If anything, it actually does damage.  

You have a limited amount of time and space with which to appeal to a site visitor. To show them the right car at the right price, and convince them they can only get that from here. 

Essentially, without ensuring you are showing a relevant offer, you’re wasting that space on your website AND the very limited attention of your shoppers. If they return to your site and continue to get irrelevant offers, they’ll quickly begin to tune them out entirely.  

How To Solve It:


And by that we mean GOOD personalization. Not the “fork over your personal information and we’ll call and email you into oblivion” kind. 

Good personalization adapts content to fit the in-the-moment needs and interest of the shopper, delivering an online experience that feels custom-built for them. 

Enter Behavior Based Targeting (BBT). 

BBT works by delivering the right offer to the right shopper at the right time. This AI-powered technology learns from individual online behavior and dynamically adapts site-wide content.

Here’s how it goes:

Step #1: The shopper arrives on the dealership website and searches for the vehicle they’re looking for. In this case, a Ford F-150. 

Step #2: The shopper browses the website.

Step #3: BBT adapts on-page content to show the shopper relevant offers based on their interest in an F-150. 

 BBT empowers your dealership with the ability to deliver relevant, real-time dealership offers on the most visited pages on your website.

BBT means relevance, and relevance means results – like more time spent browsing through your site, more clicks, more leads, and more sales. 

Read more about BBT here.