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New Jazel Site Features

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Here at Jazel, we’re always hard at work bringing new features and tools to the websites powered by Jazel. Adding these new updates is an ongoing and constant process, and many of these features come from the requests of our awesome clients. Here are five of the latest updates to hit Jazel websites.

Electric Vehicle Data Search Filters

This first update makes it easier than ever for customers to sort their search results by factors like EV Battery Range and EV eMPG. As EVs become more available and popular, shoppers will be looking for these important ratings in their next EV purchase. By offering a way to filter by these attributes, shoppers can more easily find the electric vehicle they are looking for that meets their needs. 

Electric Vehicle Fuel Savings Calculator

This new tool shows customers how much potential savings they could have by switching to an electric vehicle. The tool, once activated on your site, is available under the Parts & Service page. The calculator will help support the expanding interest in EVs by providing customized savings calculations to potential EV customers, leading to more sales for dealers.

Vehicle Detail Page Views Widget

This new widget allows dealers to display how many times a vehicle has been viewed on its Vehicle Detail Page. In addition to showing how many customers have viewed a VDP, it can show views by day, and can provide dealers information about which models are most popular with customers. It creates buzz around your inventory, and shoppers may be more encouraged to pull the trigger on a purchase.

Search Results Page Rules Engine Enhancements

This enhancement allows content to be dynamically displayed or hidden on Search Results Pages or Vehicle Description Pages based on vehicle attributes. For example, dealers can set certain banners to display if a customer has an electric vehicle selected. It can target a variety of different attributes, including: Year, Make, Model, Trim, Conditions, Status, Display Price, Mileage, etc. With this enhancement, dealers can feature the unique and relevant selling proposition of different vehicle types easily on SRPs and VDPs.

Search Results Page Filter Styling & Customization Enhancements

We’ve updated styling controls on SRP pagination to reflect the latest Material Design user interface. The changes include adding component level controls for items like margin, padding, and background color, as well as configurations for last page links. With these changes, dealers can take advantage of updated, responsive designs that reflect the most widely used design framework on the web.

These recent updates and additions can help make your website stand out from the competition. All of these updates are added without additional cost to you, but may need to be opted into. Check with your account manager to see if these awesome new features are live on your website, and if not, they can get you started! If you don’t yet have a website with us, visit this page to see a demo of what Jazel can do for you!