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Our New DOOR Comparison Feature

Door Compare 2

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Jazel is proud and excited to show off the newest addition launched in our Dealer Online Order Request Vehicle Builder (DOOR) service – Trim Comparison! DOOR is our proprietary service that allows customers to custom-build their vehicle and request an order through your dealership, all directly on your site. With Trim Comparison, you can select a vehicle model and compare the available trims. Every model comes with different trims that serve the needs of different customers, and this new feature makes it easier than ever to compare trims at a glance during the custom order process. A visitor can simply click the compare button, select the trims they’d like to compare, and then see the comparison. There’s no limit on how many trims a customer can compare, and they can go wild with comparing features! 

Let’s go over a quick example of how someone may use the trim comparison feature. My friend Jordan is looking for a Ford Maverick pickup truck. They’ve decided on a model with FWD, however, they don’t know which trim package would be best despite having some ideas. They frequently travel with friends, and like the idea of having a keyless entry system. With that in mind, they select the three FWD trims as shown below:

Door Compare 2

After selecting those trims and hitting compare, Jordan can see all of the various items that come with each. Since they travel with friends frequently, a multi-zone A/C would be best, and they look for that feature alongside the keyless entry addition. You can see the comparison they generated below.

Door Highlight

In the comparison, we can see that keyless entry is available on all versions of the vehicle, but the multi-zone A/C is only available on the Lariat. Through DOOR’s new Trim Comparison, Jordan was able to find the trim that most fits their needs without leaving the dealership website, and in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken to leave the site and review their options elsewhere. 

This new feature has already been rolled out and applied to all our client websites that utilize the DOOR service. Hopefully your customers have been taking advantage of it! If you don’t have DOOR on your website, or you aren’t currently using Jazel for your business, you can schedule a demonstration here!