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3 Reasons to Re-Invest In Your Dealership’s Video Marketing 

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Video marketing may be the most important tool in your digital marketing box – other than your website. But often, dealerships go season after season with the same old strategies and systems for utilizing videos. Same placements, same budget, same layouts, same support. 

Unfortunately, “same-old” strategies and video is a toxic relationship. In order to truly use video to it’s fullest, you have to know how to make video work for you. Here are the three best reasons why to reinvest in your video content (and what you should be doing):  

Reason #1: Video is Powerful

What means more: a Happy Birthday card from your significant other, or a personal birthday video message? Unless you really value physical sentimental objects, you’d probably prefer the video.

The bottom line is that video is more powerful than text or static images. Even if you are the world’s most avid hardcover book lover, you can’t deny that our brains are very well adapted to pay attention to and process information from visual and audio signals. Video marketing content taps right into that. 

In fact, research from Google shows that video is the most effective form of content for attracting and keeping people’s attention. 

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“All or most” doesn’t sound that powerful, but attention is a sliding scale. As anyone who has ever had a crush will tell you, even a little attention can make all the difference. Here’s how we lay out the “attention scale” in relation to online marketing and advertising. 

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Naturally, these specific pieces of information may change with your content, but the fact is that when people pay less attention, they recall fewer details later – which, as we all know, is an essential part of marketing. 

So when you capture “all or most” of the attention of your video-viewing audience, you’re establishing a much more informed and enriched connection with that person. Not only did they notice your marketing, they remembered details about it that will help them find you again in the future. The higher proportion of your audience giving “all or most” of their attention means a higher proportion of better-informed and hotter leads. 

And we’re just getting started. 

Video + Search = Success

There are many aspects to the customer shopping journey – and few are as important as the relationship between video and search. Research shows that a full 80% of people say they typically switch between online search and video when looking at products to buy.

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Perhaps this shopper is a gentleman who looks up a video about Ford F250 interiors, then searches for similar roomy-cabined trucks, then goes back to video content to watch a walkthrough of a Chevy Silverado. Each moment he looks for more information, you have something to offer him. 

In addition to the back-and-forth nature of video and search, much of this is done from a mobile device. In fact, the majority of all automotive searches come from mobile. This video-search-video type of research is being conducted from mobile devices – perhaps even from the lot across the street. 

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There are opportunities for effective video marketing and advertising wins at each and every one of those micro-moments. 

This also highlights the importance of having a well-rounded and carefully managed advertising plan to support your video marketing. With shoppers doing this back and forth between search, video, and other sources of information, having supportive advertising like paid search ads in place can be the difference in getting that sale. 

The Desired End Result 

Here’s the last, and possibly most important factor of video marketing: it is effective. Video marketing is more attention-grabbing and more useful than many other types (subject dependent, naturally), and the results are equally improved. 

Google’s own research shows that 40% of shoppers who watched a video about cars or trucks visited a dealer as a result. 

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And in the end, that’s exactly what you’re looking for – a visit to your dealership. Once they’re on the floor, your video marketing has done its work – for now. After all, service and video marketing go hand in hand, and you’ve just got a new customer who’s going to need a checkup in about 10,000 miles.