Revolutionize Your Auto Dealership with Scan2Sell

By Jazel Auto Marketing

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Welcome to the future of auto merchandising! In today’s digital age, car dealerships must innovate to stay competitive. A prime innovation is the integration of QR codes, which not only streamline the car buying experience but also directly link potential buyers to comprehensive Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs). Here’s how QR codes can elevate your auto merchandising and sales.
What Are QR Codes and How Do They Work?

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes readable by smartphone cameras. These codes can store URLs, contact details, and other data. For car dealerships, QR codes are a tool to swiftly guide potential buyers to detailed VDPs. The VDPs will often contain more information on the vehicle specifications, pricing with promotional offers, and contact forms, making the purchase journey smoother and more interactive.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Auto Merchandising

Increased Engagement

By scanning a QR code, customers can instantly access a VDP containing extensive vehicle information, including pricing, specs, high-quality images, and even virtual tours if the dealership provides them. This level of transparency builds trust, as buyers verify that the in-person details match those advertised online.

Enhanced Customer Experience

QR codes simplify information access, significantly enhancing the customer experience by reducing the time and extra steps needed to navigate multiple web pages to find the exact vehicle they are looking for. This efficiency contributes to a more satisfying and quicker shopping experience for the customer.

Streamlined Sales Process

With QR codes, customers get immediate access to the latest promotional offers and financing options, expediting the sales process and enhancing lead-to-sale conversion chances.

How to Implement QR Codes in Your Dealership

Generate QR Codes

Use our in-house tool, Scan2Sell, to generate QR codes for each vehicle in your inventory. Ensure each code links to a unique, mobile-friendly VDP on your website to start enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.

Display QR Codes Prominently

Position QR codes in visible spots such as the car’s windshield, price tags, or promotional materials. Visibility and accessibility are key.

Promote the Use of QR Codes

Educate both customers and your sales team on the benefits of QR codes. Highlight their usefulness in providing easy access to more information and incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategies.

Why Choose Jazel for Your Digital Solutions?

At Jazel, we recognize the challenges car dealerships face. Our suite of digital marketing services, responsive websites, and cutting-edge solutions, including QR codes, are designed to boost your online presence and increase customer engagement.

Jazel’s Scan2Sell: A Game Changer

Scan2Sell allows the quick creation and display of QR code stickers on vehicles. This feature enables potential buyers to scan and access real-time pricing and detailed vehicle information directly through the VDP on your website.

Benefits to Dealers

Scan2Sell promotes deeper customer engagement by allowing buyers to independently explore vehicle details, enhancing the purchasing experience, and enabling sales staff to concentrate on personalized service.

How to Activate and Enroll in Scan2Sell

Activating Scan2Sell is straightforward. For current Jazel dealership website customers, Scan2Sell is available for $99 per month. Contact your account manager today.

Embrace the Future of Auto Merchandising

Incorporating QR codes into your strategy enhances customer engagement and simplifies the sales process. By making detailed vehicle information readily accessible and improving the overall shopping experience, your dealership can drive more qualified leads and convert them into satisfied customers.


1. What is a QR code?  

   A two-dimensional barcode is scanned via smartphone to access various information types quickly.

2. How can QR codes benefit my dealership?  

   They increase engagement, enhance the shopping experience, and streamline sales processes.

3. How do I get started with QR codes at my dealership?

   Generate QR codes for your inventory, display them prominently, and educate your team and customers about their benefits.

4. What is Jazel’s Scan2Sell feature? 

   A new service that allows the creation and display of QR codes linking directly to VDPs on your dealership’s website.

5. How do I activate Scan2Sell? 

   Contact Jazel’s support team or, if not enrolled, visit our website or contact your digital performance Manager for information.