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Top 8 Reasons to Change Website Providers

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As the automotive industry evolves, so must car dealerships. Having a modern website that works well and provides a great user experience is essential for any dealership. Switching to a new website provider like Jazel can bring several advantages, such as more up-to-date technologies, more options for customization, and better customer service.

Switching to Jazel may also offer access to additional marketing and analytics tools to help the dealership better understand their customers and optimize their online presence. Turning to Jazel for a new website can be a great way for car dealerships to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. The following are a few of the top reasons clients have turned to Jazel to build, host, and manage their websites:

  1. Individualized Site that Stands Out: Many website providers have a single site template that every dealer has access to, with only minor areas for customization like theme color. Realistically, they may have a site that looks and feels exactly the same as their nearest competitors regardless if they are a domestic brand, exotic, ultra-luxury, or commercial truck store. The customization available with a Jazel site allows a dealer to match their own individual brand to their website.
  2. User Experience: We’ve all seen or used a website that was confusing or difficult to navigate. If users fail to quickly access the information they need, such as details about a specific model or phone number for customer service, their likelihood of staying on your website diminishes rapidly. Jazel sites make it as easy as possible for users to find what they’re looking for. Some of our top features like MetaSRP, and Free Text Search all create an unhampered user experience. Why does this matter? It makes it easier for buyers to sort, filter, and find what they want.
  3. Support: Many dealerships have come to Jazel because of extremely poor experiences with the support provided by their former providers. Dealers have told us about simple edits or fixes taking entirely too long to change, while others have said they did not have any easy or convenient way of contacting the website support to begin with. Jazel makes it as easy as possible to reach our highly rated support team. Whether by phone call or email, the vast majority of our cases are completely resolved within an hour of the submitted request. When something requires more time to completely resolve, the client is kept in the loop, and sent regular updates. Some of our clients regularly take advantage of the backend editor, and love the fact that they have access to make edits and revisions to their site on their own. Great service means earning a long term relationship and partnership! Dealer surveys show us to be above our peers!
  4. Lead Conversion: Some clients come to Jazel because they need to convert more website traffic to buyers, and increase ROI on ad spend. Jazel sites are designed to increase and improve traffic conversion. In addition, Jazel sites are built with modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to increase organic traffic contribution.
  5. Expert Guidance: Unlike some website providers, Jazel will provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. Our team of professionals will advise you on the best ways to make your website stand and deliver the ultimate user experience. We have built websites for all kinds of dealers big and small and understand the unique requirements for each business.
  6. Reliability: Most clients have never thought of their site’s “up-time” as an issue until it goes down for a period of time. Every minute a site is down can be multiple missed leads. Sites can go down for multiple reasons, but Jazel sites don’t. As a pure cloud computing platform, our customers experience industry leading uptime due to reduced dependence upon local power or internet outages. In addition to industry leading uptime, our clients benefit from a fault tolerant cloud architecture that reduces the need for regular maintenance windows.
  7. Best-of-both-Worlds… Compete with “Big Guys”: Jazel websites empower smaller franchise and independent dealers to compete with their larger competitors by providing a top tier platform that they can afford! Their Jazel sites look just as sharp and modern as the larger dealerships while also providing the support and flexibility required to optimize the site for their business. Jazel sites also provide “Future-Proofing” because the platform will continue to support dealers as their businesses grow and change.
  8. Constant Improvement: Jazel is a 20-year technology leader and pioneer. Our designs and innovations have set the standard over and over. Innovation comes through our active collaborative relationships with great dealers and from our automotive experts and technologists. Our Dealer Online Order (DOOR) tool is just one recent example. Dealers can turn to Jazel and stay with Jazel for a very long time!