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Your Website and Planning for the New Year

In our first webinar of the new year, we’ll focus on our 2020 website resolutions. Tune in to find out how to follow through on your online ambitions.
  • Setting your 2020 goals.
  • Sharing and facilitating your online focus for the new year.
  • How your website (and Jazel) can help you get what you want from 2020.

Inventory Reports - Insights Into Your Website’s Inventory

In this webinar, we will share reports that will give you insights into your website’s inventory. Are customers finding what they’re looking for when they shop your inventory? Does your inventory match the demand of your shoppers? With Jazel’s inventory reports, you can see what shoppers are looking for, alongside what you have in stock. You can expect to learn about all these different metrics and why they matter. Tune in to learn more about some of Jazel’s available custom reports!