Breaking Down the Millennial Automotive Customer Persona

Millennials are one of the biggest and most valuable audiences for dealers right now, but they’re also a generation defined by their disruption. That makes them a particularly challenging generation to sell cars to. We get that. With this post, we’re trying to make understanding Millennial car shoppers just a little easier. Sometimes, to do […]

The Dealer’s 2018 Automotive Digital Marketing Breakdown

2018 isn’t over just yet, but we’ve already seen major changes to digital marketing, whether that’s a shift in tactics, a change of tools, or the rise of a powerful trend. In this post, we’re breaking down the changes to dealership digital marketing we’ve seen this year. From SEO and paid search, all the way […]

Are You Measuring Your Dealership’s Success With the Right KPIs?

Dealerships and measurement don’t always go hand in hand. After all, dealers have better things to do than come up with ways to figure out how well they’re doing. Like sell cars. Still, this can mean that inefficiencies are quite hard to catch and disappointingly easy to repeat. So today, we’re tackling Key Performance Indicators […]

Is Your Automotive Website Using AMP? Here’s Why You Should Be.

We’re fans of AMP pages – and you should be too. More accurately, your dealership should be too, because these swift-loading mobile pages are a gift to any dealer who wants to prove that they’re as awesome online as they are on the lot. And we’d also argue proving that is exactly what dealerships these […]